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Swim Program

Swimming in the pool

We are so lucky to have a pool on our campus and a part of our campers daily programming. The pool starts with a beach entrance/shallow teaching area that gradually gets deeper and deeper. 

All Junior Campers have a 25-minute swim block each day (as long as the weather allows). During this block, campers will take part in group swim instruction that allows them to become more comfortable in the pool and practice basic water skills. Campers learn and develop new skills by playing games, such as Over/Under Limbo, Four Corners, Red Rover, and Sharks and Minnows. 

Senior Campers have the option each day to come to the pool for a 45-minute free-swim during their Workshop time. 

If you are looking for individualized or small group lessons, we suggest that you sign up for our swim lessons that are offered before camp from 9:10-9:35 or after camp from 3-3:30 or 3:30-4. These lessons allow for your camper to work closely with one of our swim instructors and improve on specific skills.