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Forms, Waivers, Policies

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Camper Forms

Where Does One Find All the Forms and Documents?

Log into CampMinder's Parent Page and go to Forms & Documents. You will find that this section is divided into two parts. The first is forms for an individual camper and second is forms for the whole family - please scroll all the way down to see all the required documents! General documents and any forms that still need to be completed will appear in black. Once they are submitted, the form will appear in green.

Here is an outline of all the forms:1. Bus Permission Form - Campers registered in Units G & H, any child riding a bus to/from camp, OR going on the outdoor ed trip, this form MUST be submitted. Due: June 1

2. Information & Agreements Form - All the authorizations, releases, etc., are in one place! Please address each of the 9 items and scroll all the way down to the electronic signature before submitting. Senior campers in Units D - H also must acknowledge their willingness to follow the camp rules and guidelines. These protocols can be found on the Community Agreement tab. Due: June 1

3. Health History - Completed by parents only. Information from last year may need to be updated. Due: May 1

4. COVID Vaccination Records - COVID vaccination records should be uploaded to the camper's portal. Due: May 1

5. Camper Photo - GAC needs a current photo for each camper. Due: June 1

6. Camper Transportation - Complete the AM and PM transportation plan here, including the selection of a bus stop if applicable. Due: May 1

7. Special Friends Request Form - GAC will be creating homerooms in May and may not be able to accommodate your request after that. Due: May 1

8. Over the Counter and Prescription Medication Authorization Forms - At GAC, we have a full-time registered nurse on site to administer medications. While these forms are not required for younger campers, we strongly suggest you have authorizations on file for a fever reducer and Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for bee stings, sudden rashes, or allergic reaction and hydrocortisone cream for rashes, bug, bites, and other 'itchy' spots. GAC cannot administer this without the form so parents would have to come to camp to do so or, in extreme cases, we may have no choice but to call 911. GAC realizes that parents like to "always be available" but the reality is that you may be across town, in a meeting or have a 'dead' cell phone and, without these forms, there is very little GAC can do to comfort your camper. Due: May 1
9. Tentative Camp Daily Schedule - This chart outlines the Camp's schedule for each unit (grade). 
10.  Green Acres Camp Community Agreement – This agreement outlines the camp’s rules and protocols.